Corona Virus(COVID-19)


FEVER CLINICS at Bangalore Rural District
In case any symptoms arise to any person, he has to contact any of the following clinics;      
Name of the District Name of the Taluk Sl. No. Type of Hospital(DH/Medical College/GH/CHC/PHC/UPHC) Place of the Fever Clinic Name of the Medical Officer Contact Number
BANGALORE RURAL DISTRICT Doddaballapura 1 GH TH Doddaballapura Dr Ramesh 9480231664
BANGALORE RURAL DISTRICT Devanahalli 2 GH TH Devanahalli Dr Gangadhar 7026642755
BANGALORE RURAL DISTRICT Nelamangala 3 GH TH Nelamangala Dr Narasimaiah 9916973248
BANGALORE RURAL DISTRICT Hoskote 4 GH TH Hoskote Dr Satish Kumar 9448210755
BANGALORE RURAL DISTRICT Devanahalli 5 CHC CHC Vijayapura Dr Shamsundar 9480091322
BANGALORE RURAL DISTRICT Nelamangala 6 CHC CHC Thyamagondlu Dr Harish 9620474488
BANGALORE RURAL DISTRICT Devanahalli 7 PHC PHC Kundana Dr Mutahhir Hafeez 9448381916
BANGALORE RURAL DISTRICT Doddaballapura 8 PHC PHC G Hosahalli Dr Shwetha Naik C 9845285338
BANGALORE RURAL DISTRICT Doddaballapura 9 PHC PHC Kanaswadi Dr Sushma 9886616887
BANGALORE RURAL DISTRICT Doddaballapura 10 PHC PHC Konaghatta Dr Sendhil Kumar M 9483818162
BANGALORE RURAL DISTRICT Doddaballapura 11 PHC PHC Konenahalli Dr Yogendra J Ram 7829595435
BANGALORE RURAL DISTRICT Doddaballapura 12 PHC PHC S S Ghati Dr Suchitra S 9902178900
BANGALORE RURAL DISTRICT Doddaballapura 13 PHC PHC Tubagere Dr Poornima S 7975733884
BANGALORE RURAL DISTRICT Hoskote 14 PHC PHC Anugondanahalli Dr Harish.C.N. 9632963703
BANGALORE RURAL DISTRICT Hoskote 15 PHC PHC Jadigenahalli Dr Jagadish Chandra 9448333166
BANGALORE RURAL DISTRICT Hoskote 16 PHC PHC Nandagudi Dr Bhaskar reddy D 9483430802
BANGALORE RURAL DISTRICT Hoskote 17 PHC PHC Sulibele Dr Shashikala N V 9535563117
BANGALORE RURAL DISTRICT Nelamangala 18 PHC PHC Dobaspet Dr Shashikumar 9740920104
BANGALORE RURAL DISTRICT Devanahalli 19 PHC PHC Budigere Dr Khalida Khanum 8277517715
BANGALORE RURAL DISTRICT Devanahalli 20 PHC PHC Channarayapatna Dr Shobha 9731871106
BANGALORE RURAL DISTRICT Devanahalli 21 PHC PHC Koira Dr Rashmi Krishnamurthy 9448069911
BANGALORE RURAL DISTRICT Doddaballapura 22 PHC PHC Hulikunte Dr Parameshwara H S 8277517724
BANGALORE RURAL DISTRICT Nelamangala 23 PHC PHC Maragondanahalli Dr Shwetha M 9980869638
BANGALORE RURAL DISTRICT Nelamangala 24 PHC PHC Shivagange Dr Ranganatha K S 9902778246
BANGALORE RURAL DISTRICT Nelamangala 25 PHC PHC Thadasighatta Dr Gunnaiah G 9986952111
BANGALORE RURAL DISTRICT Doddaballapura 26 UPHC UPHC Doddaballapura Dr Arun Kumar P V 9845787266
Private Fever Clinics
BANGALORE RURAL DISTRICT Devanahalli 1 COLLEGE Akash Medical College Dr Kailash 9845155000
BANGALORE RURAL DISTRICT Hoskote 2 COLLEGE MVJ Medical College Dr Pramod 9980830292
BANGALORE RURAL DISTRICT Hoskote 3 HOSPITAL Srinivasa hospital Dr.Nagraj 9880417317
BANGALORE RURAL DISTRICT Doddaballapura 4 HOSPITAL Columbia Asia Hospital,Doddaballapur Dr.Karthik 8892377847
BANGALORE RURAL DISTRICT Nelamangala 5 COLLEGE Sri Siddhartha Medical College, T Begur, Nelamangala Dr V M Rao 8790172396



Total Government AMBULANCES at Bangalore Rural District
SL NO Type of hospital Name of the hospital with address number of ambulances
2 GH AIRPORT KA-53-D-9482
4 GH AIRPORT KA-53-D-9484
10 GH HOSAKOTE KA-03-AF-1899
    TOTAL 10
Total Ambulances and its classification based on usage




The following are the Qurantine centers for COVID-19 at Bangalore Rural District
SL NO Name of the hospital
1 Government Boys Hostel,Devanahalli (SW)
2 Post Metric Boys Hostel, Vijayapura
3 Sri Siddhartha Institute of Medical Sciences, T Begur
4 Yatrik Comforts, Nelamangala
5 Shrinidhi lodge, Nelamangala
6 Government boys SW hostel Nelamangala town
7 MDRS Bacchahalli
8 MDRS Jadigenahalli
9 Premetric General SW boys hostel Sulibele
10 MDRS Sulibele
11 MDRS Dandupalya
12 Premetric BCM Boys hostel Thavarekere
13 Government general SW boys hostel jadigenahalli
14 Government post metric boys hostel Bhuvaneswari
15 Dr B R Ambedkar Residential School Isthur
16 BCM post metric boys hostel Madagondanahall
17 Premetric boys hostel ,sakkaregollahalli
18 Premetric boys hostel, sakkaregollahalli
19 Post Metric Boys Hostel, Vijayapura


Important Covid 2019 help line Nos
Helpline No
District Covid Helpline no 080 29781021
State Covid Helpline no 104
Whatsapp ChatBot WhatsApp Chatbot on Corona. It is called MyGov Corona Helpdesk. Just say Hi on WhatsApp to 9013151515 and you will get automated response on queries related to Corona
National Covid Helpline no 91-11-23978046 /1075 /ncov2019[at]gov[dot]in
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