Programmes for child development


Keeping in view the vision that future of India is the future of the children, the department is laying greater emphasis and making, well deserved concrete efforts in the implementation of all existing government policies and programmes for the welfare and development of children which is an investment in itself, for their overall socio economic growth. The integrated Child Development Services Schemes was started in Karnataka on 2nd October 1975 with a pilot project at T.Narasipur in Mysore District with just 100 Anganwadi Centres. Since then, the programme has expanded to all the revenue taluks in the state. The welfare of pregnant Women, Nursing mothers, adolescent girls and children below 6 years has acquired a prime place in the programmes.

Supplementary nutrition Children below 6 years; pregnant and lactating mother s. Adolescent girls Anganwadi Workers(AWW) and Helper
Immunization Children below 6 years: pregnant women ANM
Health check-up Children below 6 years; pregnant and lactating mothers Doctors/ANM/AWW
Referral Children below 6 years; pregnant and lactating mothers, adolescent girls Doctors/ANM/AWW
Pre- school education Children 3-6 years AWW
Nutrition and Health Education Women(15-45 yrs), adolescent girls AWW/ANM/LHV/FNB personnel


    1. To improve nutritional and health status of children (0-6 years)
    2. To lay the foundation for proper physical, psychological and emotional development of the child
    3. To reduce incidence of mortality, morbidity, malnutrition and school drop-out rate.
    4. To achieve effective coordination of policy and implementation among various departments to promote Child development.
    5. To enhances the capability of the mother to look after the normal health and nutritional needs of the
    6. Child, through proper health and nutrition education.

Supplementary Nutrition programmes

I.C.D.S. Programme with revised feeding norms of 500 calories of energy and 12-15 gms of protein to 0-6 years children, 600 calories of energy and 18-20 gms of protein to pregnant woman/lactating mothers/adolescents girls, 800 calories of energy and 20-25 gms of protein to severally malnourished Children as a supplement to their normal intake, as envisaged in the schematic guidelines. Supplementary nutrition is given for 300 days in a year.


Mathrupoorna programme was launched on 2nd October, 2017 in the district by providing hot cooked meals to pregnant Women and lactating mothers through the existing system of anganwadi Centres. To improve the nutrient intake of pregnant Women through spot feeding by providing One Full Meals in order to reduce the incidences of low birth babies and under nutrition among Women and Children the main aim of the Schemes.


The Scheme is a centrally sponsored with 60:40 assistance from GOI/GOK. The Scheme would contribute to better environment by providing cash incentives for improved health and nutrition to pregnant and 0-6 months lactating mothers, thus enable them for breast feeding within one hour of delivery and exclusive breast feeding for six months along with other IYCF practise. Pregnant Women would receive Rs.1000/- within 6 months of pregnancy, Rs.2000/- after six months of Child birth and Rs.2000/- after the Child receiving first round of immunisation. An amount of Rs. 5000/- is paid in 3 instalments though Direct Benefit Transfer to the beneficiary account. The above beneficiaries are also eligible for financial assistance under Janani Suraksha Yojana(NRJM).

Bhagyalakshmi -2006-07:

Head of Account:235-02-102-0-25:Central Share: State Share-0:100:Bhagyalakshmi scheme was launched during 2006-2007 with an objective to promote the birth of girl children in below poverty line families and to raise the status of the girl child in the family in particular and society in general.

All girl Children born in below poverty line families after 31.03.2006 are eligible to be enrolled as beneficiaries under the Scheme which is allowed up to one year of the birth of the girl Child on production of birth certificate. The benefits are restricted to two girl Children in a BPL family. The father or Mother of the beneficiary girl child should have undergone terminal family planning method and the total number of Children should not exceed two.

The beneficiaries will be registered after complete verification and an amount of Rs. 10,000/- is deposited in the name of each eligible beneficiary born up to 31.07.2008 with financial partner institution. When the girl attain the age of 18 years, the maturity amount together with the accrued interest i.e. an amount of Rs.34751/- and if the second Child in the same family in enrolled under the scheme, an amount of rs.40918/- will be paid to the beneficiary. Interim benefits such as scholarship and insurance will be provided on fulfilling the conditions specified in the scheme.

This scheme was modified vide GO dated 06-03-2015 (applicable for the Children born from 01.08.2008) the features of modified Scheme are: An amount of Rs.19300/- in the name of the first beneficiary of family and an amount of Rs. 18350 in the name of the second beneficiary of the same family will be deposited with the financial partner institution as initial deposited. On attaining 18 years of age maturity amount of Rs. 100000/- will be made available to the beneficiary.


    1. To promote birth of girl children and build confidence in below poverty line families
    2. To prevent social evils such as child labour, females foeticide, child marriage and child trafficking.
    3. To promote overall development of the girl Child by improving the status of health, education and nutrition.
    4. Empowerment of the girl Child in the society by way financial assistance.

Beti bachao, Beti padhao:

Beti bacho, beti padhao is a new scheme launched by honrable prime minister of India on 22nd Jan 201 at the national level. Improving the child sex ratio is the main motto of the scheme.


    • Prevent gender sex selective elimination
    • Ensure survival and protection of the girl child
    • Ensure education of girl child