Karnataka State Women Development Corporation

Karnataka State Women Development Corporation was established in the year 1987 under The Companies Act 1956. This is the only Corporation established with the aim to improve the Social and economic conditions of Women belonging to the weaker section of the Society. Corporation is implementing various Schemes for the up liftmen of Women from weaker Section, illiterate and backward classes.


    • To work towards framing and implementing the Schemes for economic and Social development of Women.
    • Identifying prospective Women entrepreneurs.
    • To provide guidance and technical consultancy service for the Women to take up Income generating activities within the purview of the corporation activities.
    • Facilitating Women to take loan through banks and other financial institutions.
    • Promotion of marketing facilities to Women entrepreneur.
    • Promotion and strengthening Women’s Organizations and Co-operatives.
    • Organizing skill development training programme through government / NGOs for Women to take up self employment.

The State Government Sponsored Schemes Implemented by KSWDC:

Udyogini Scheme:

Encouraging Women to take loans from banks and other financial institutions to take up income generation activities listed by KSWDC or other profitable activities for which KSWDC assists in the form of Subsidy.

    • For Women belonging to scheduled cast and scheduled tribe unit cost is Rs. 1.00 lakh to maximum of Rs. 3.00 lakhs. Subsidy is 50% of the loan amount, Income limit of the family should be below Rs. 2.00 lakhs.
    • For Women belonging to special category widowed, gene general category maximum unit coast is Rs. 1.00 lakh. Subsidy for special category Women is 30% or maximum Rs. 10,000/- and subsidy for general category is 20% of maximum Rs. 7,500/-. Subsidy will be released to the District Managers/Deputy Directors of women and Child Development of the concerned districts against the loan amount sanctioned by the banks after imparting EDP training to selected beneficiaries.
    • Eligibility Criteria: Family income should be less than Rs. 40,000/- for Women belonging to general category.
    • Age limit is between 18 to 45 years.
    • No income limits to special category Women.
    • After the Sanction of loan, EDP training for 3 days is provided to these Women before the release of loan.
    • The main objective of the Scheme is to avoid Women going to private money lenders or other financial institutions for loan with high interest rate.

Women training Programme:

Women belonging to vulnerable groups and under difficult circumstances are provided with skill development training to take up self employment in various fields as per their need and interest.

    • For Women who are willing to set up small business are provided with necessary training on project report preparation, general accounting, materials management and marketing.
    • Widows, destitute Women, Physically handicapped and SC/ST Women are given preference and no income limit is fixed.
    • For others, annual family income limit is Rs. 40,000/-
    • Age limit is 18 to 45 years.
    • Beneficiaries should possess required educational qualification for various skill development training.

Marketing assistance Scheme: Marketing platform to sell the

    • On the eve of International Women’s Day, State level exhibitions are conducted for facilitating budding Women entrepreneurs to exhibit and sell their products. Similar programmes are also conducted at district and taluk level.
    • Potential Women entrepreneurs will be encouraged to participate in the State level exhibitions.

State resource centre (SRC):

Counselling centres are established at district level to guide the Women regarding various government Schemes to help Women to take up self employment along with publicity of KSWDC Schemes. And also creating data bank.

These centres conduct sensitization-training programs to create awareness among the officers of different departments, college students and elected representatives, regarding gender sensitization, equality and other relevant subjects.

Micro Credit:

It is intended to provide interest free loan of Rs. 1.00 lakhs to Rs. 2.00 lakh to Stree Shakthi SHGs to establish their own entrepreneurship or smaller unit for taking up the viable economic activities.

Chetana (rehabilitation of Sex workers):

Under this Scheme financial assistance of Rs. 50,000/- (Rs. 25,000/- loan and Rs. 25,000/- incentive) is provided to the sex worker for self employment and to lead a decent and dignified life.

Rehabilitation of transgender :

In order to bring transgender to the main stream of the society they are provided with financial assistance of Rs. 50,000/- (Rs.25,000/-loan and Rs. 25,000/- incentive) to take up income generating activities and become self employed.

Interest subsidy Scheme to Women entrepreneurs (KSFC) :

This Scheme was started during 2015-16. Under this Scheme Women entrepreneurs are eligible to obtain loan of Rs. 5.00 lakhs to Rs. 200.00 lakhs from Karnataka State Financial Corporation (KSFC) to start small and medium industries and services sectors @ interest rate of 14%. Out of which 10% of interest share will be paid by Karnataka State Women’s Development Corporation. This 10% interest amount will be paid up to 5 years after sanctioning of loan by KSFC. 12 months leisure period is fixed for repaying principal amount. The interest part of KSWDC will be adjusted after 4% of interest paid by the beneficiary. The interest subsidy will be applicable for a total period of 5 years from the date of sanction of loan.

Samrudhi Scheme:

This Scheme is implemented from the year of 2016-17 under thus Scheme an amount of Rs. 10,000/- is being given to Women street vendors.

This Scheme is implemented form the year 2016-17. Under this Scheme financial assistance of Rs. 50.000/- (Rs. 25,000/- loan of Rs. 25.000/-subsidy) is given to women who are HIV infected, to take up income generating activities.


This Scheme is being implemented from 2017-18 and was launched on 27-02-2018 in order to encourage District Sreeshakthi Federations. Each Sreeshakthi Federation is provided with Rs. 10.00 lakh interest free loan.